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It's Worth A Shot: Get your enhanced flu vaccine today!

When is it good to get a flu shot? Now is the best time for older adults to get their flu vaccines to protect against the influenza virus, also known as the “flu.” People 65+ are at higher risk of developing serious complications from flu compared with younger adults. This increased risk is due in part to declines in immune response with age. As of 2022, federal health officials recommend specific enhanced flu vaccines for people age 65 and older. Studies have shown it triggers a better immune response in older adults than the traditional flu vaccine. Ask your doctor or pharmacist what flu vaccine is best for you!

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National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW): December 4-8, 2023

A flu vaccine can take flu from wild to mild

a flu vaccine can take flu from wild to mild

National Influenza Vaccination Week, typically the first week in December, provides an opportunity to remind everyone 6 months and older that it’s not too late to get a flu vaccine. This nationally observed week was established in 2005 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to highlight the importance of continuing influenza vaccination after the holiday season into January and beyond.

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National Influenza Vaccination Week is a critical opportunity to remind everyone 6 months and older that there’s still time to protect themselves and their loved ones from flu this flu season by getting their annual flu vaccine if they have not already. Currently, flu activity is elevated across the country, so this week will serve to remind people that there is still time to benefit from the first and most important action in preventing flu illness and potentially serious flu complications: get a flu vaccine today.

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National Influenza Vaccination Week is your reminder that there’s still time to get a flu shot. It’s the best protection against flu. People 65 years and older should get a preferred flu shot, if available.

People living with a chronic condition like heart disease, asthma, or diabetes should get a flu shot during National Influenza Vaccination Week if they haven’t already. 9 out of 10 adults hospitalized with flu have at least one underlying medical condition.

Holiday Themed Resources

Spread Holiday Cheer. Not the Flu. (PSA) It’s estimated that between 80% and 90% of seasonal flu-related deaths have occurred in people 65 years and older. As you prepare for holiday gatherings, get vaccinated for flu to protect yourself, your friends, and your loved ones from flu and its complications, such as deadly cases of pneumonia. While you’re at the doctor or the pharmacy, ask about other vaccines covered by Medicare, including pneumococcal, shingles, and Tdap (which covers both tetanus and whooping cough). These vaccines are vital for your health—and the health of those around you.

Spread Holiday Cheer. Not the Flu. Placemat (blue)

Spread Holiday Cheer. Not the Flu. Placemat (red)

Spread Holiday Cheer - 8x11 Flyer

Spread Holiday Cheer - 8x11 Flyer (Snowman)

Spread Holiday Cheer - 5x7 Flyer (blue)

Holiday Flu Prevention [QuickTime, 14 MB, 1 min 8 sec]

Everyone 6 months and older needs a flu vaccine. Protect yourself and your family during the holidays!

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