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NANASP Advocacy Toolkit - FY 24 Funding

Elevate your meal program funding with the power of social media! Use our sample social media posts and showcase your organization.

  • Don’t forget to tag your Members of Congress—they're active on social media and engaging them can amplify your message.
  • Use data to strengthen your message on social media. For instance, “We currently have X # of senior meal clients on waiting lists. Without additional funding in FY24, this list will lengthen leaving vulnerable seniors without vital meals.”
  • Tag NANASP so we can share your post and amplify your message!
        X/Twitter name: @nutritionaging

        Facebook name: @NANASP

  • Use NANASP’s Take Action page to send a message to your legislators asking them to increase funding for senior nutrition programs in FY24. Send your message here:

Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) posts:

Make sure to use our Facebook cover photo and X (formerly)Twitter header photo on your organization’s page. Share our graphic with your posts.

  1. Thousands of seniors nationwide are on waitlists for vital meals, and the numbers keep rising. Federal funding must rise too. We must fully fund OAA and keep our seniors fed.
  2. 10 million seniors worry about having enough food. Without fully funding OAA programs, more seniors will be thrown over the hunger cliff.
  3. Without meal programs, millions of seniors would wonder where their next meal is coming from. Congress must fully fund OAA programs to save meals for our seniors.
  4. Meal programs nationwide are struggling to serve seniors due to lack of funds. Congress must fully fund meal programs to keep our seniors fed.
  5. America’s seniors shouldn’t worry about where their next meal will come from. Without fully funding meal programs, millions of seniors will go without vital meals.