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Farmers Markets & Community Gardens Grow Friendship

As farm to institution program’s increase in number across North America analysis highlight’s that both community gardens and farmers’ markets can improve fresh food accessibility to reach residents in mature, inner-suburban neighborhoods, in addition to rural communities.  Recognizing that food is medicine, it is equally important to assure access to fresh produce for individuals with chronic illness to improve and maintain their health.  With increasing regularity, health advocated, and community organizations are focusing health and nutrition education outreach at farmers markets and sites associated with community gardens.



NANASP NEWS - Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's DiseaseHow to Work with Participants with Alzheimer's - A recent survey of Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) trainers about the relevance of CDSMP for persons with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia (ADRD) found that these persons and sometimes their care partners or other family members participate in CDSMP workshops in significant numbers.  Working with participants with Alzheimer's Tip Sheet


NANASP NEWS - Fraud Safety for Seniors

FraudThe FBI cautions seniors and their family members about common financial schemes and warns that fraudsters often target senior citizens.  People who grew up in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s were generally raised to be polite and trusting. Con artists exploit these traits, knowing that it is difficult or impossible for these individuals to say "no" or just hang up the telephone.



NANASP NEWS - Family Caregivers & Their Loved Ones

Hands holdingRaising Awareness of the Risks of Malnutrition to Both Family Caregivers and Their Loved Ones





NANASP NEWS - Healthy Aging in Action Report

Healthy Aging in Action: Advancing the National Prevention Strategy was prepared by the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council (National Prevention Council). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides ongoing administrative, scientific, and technical support for the operations of the National Prevention Council.



NANASP NEWS - Pneumococcal Disease

Pneumococcal DiseaseAddressing Common Questions about Pneumococcal Vaccination for Adults





NANASP NEWS - Elder Advocates Call for More Social Services

The scary but inescapable question of how America will find the means to care for a massive wave of aging baby boomers may be inching closer to a workable answer. But it will require smashing and replacing the current "medical model" of addressing older adults' health needs only when they lapse into an expensive crisis mode that requires repeated hospital procedures.



NANASP NEWS - 4th Annual Senior Report

Health of Tomorrow's SeniorsNew Report Finds Significant Health Concerns Loom for Seniors in Coming Years; Current Seniors Make Health Gains, But Challenges with Obesity and Proper Nutrition Persist







NANASP Update - February 2016

Included in this edition:

-Older American's need the OAA Congregate Dining Program now more than ever

-Depression Screening

-Legislative Visits - Easier than You Might Think!

-Older Adults Can Get Added Protection Against Pneumococcal Disease this Flu Season

-Diabetes Self-Management Programs - Location, Location, Location

-NANASP in 2015: Activities & Accomplishments

-NANASP Executive Director, Bob Blancato, to Become ASA's Next Board Chair

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NANASP Update - Summer 2015

  The NANASP Newsletter is Back!

  The Summer, 2016 issue is devoted to the topic of Malnutrition in Older Adults

  Other hightlights include: the President and Executive Director's Messages and 

  2015 Conference Recap

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Washington Update: What's Coming in 2014? Teleconference Recording

After a long year of sequestration, shutdown, and partisan gridlock, many were happy to see 2013 end. 2014 began on a brighter note with a new budget agreement as well as a spending bill that ends sequestration for senior nutrition programs.
On January 30, 2014, NANASP Executive Director Bob Blancato share some insights about what else is in store.

Download the audio recording from the event now.

NANASP Presents:  The Administration for Community Living (ACL) – One Year Later

On April 16, 2012 Secretary Sebelius announced the creation of the of the new Administration for Community Living (ACL) which brought together the Administration on Aging, the Office on Disability and the Administration on Developmental Disabilities into a single agency that supports both cross-cutting initiatives and efforts focused on the unique needs of individual groups, such as children with developmental disabilities or seniors with dementia.

On April 23, 2013  Kathy Greenlee, Assistant Secretary Administration on Aging, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), shared with NANASP members what this new agency has been working on for the past year to increase access to community supports and achieving full community participation for people with disabilities and seniors. 

Moderator: Paul Downey, NANASP President

Audio recordings may take a few moments to load.

NANASP Presents: A Special Post Election Conversation (Recorded on November 9, 2012)


Please join NANASP for a “post-election” conversation, moderated by NANASP President, Paul Downey, on the impact of the 2012 elections with NANASP Executive Director Bob Blancato, and Tony Sarmiento, NANASP Board Member and GSA Public Policy Committee Chair, and new panel member John Colbert, Esq. with Capitol Hill Partners for a one-hour call will focus on what the elections results mean for senior nutrition programs, SCSEP & the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) -- including the outlook for relevant Senate and House committees in the coming year. 

NANASP Presents: “Got Boomers?” Webinar (Recorded on November 8, 2012)


With 26% of the population ‘boomers’ and growing, how can current senior centers & nutrition programs serve both segments of the aging populations?  If only there was an “APP” for that!  AgeWell Services at Tanglewood Park implemented what they call ‘Wellness Works’ to change their image, create excitement, build credibility, prepare for competition and the choices seniors want.  Is it Bingo or Zumba, Mocktails or Milk? Glean ideas from their successes (and failures) as you develop a transition plan to meet or expand your mission and make sure you are delivering what is needed in your community.

Presented by: 
Sharon TerHaar, Executive Director
AgeWell Services at Tanglewood Park
Muskegon, MI

NANASP Presents: A Special “Medicare Part D Enrollment” Webinar for Nutrition/Senior Services Providers (Recorded November 5, 2012)


During the open enrollment period October 15th through December 7th, it is critical that Medicare recipients make the health plan selections that meet both their health and budget requirements. Hence, the NANASP is hosting a webinar about the current Medicare Open Enrollment. This webinar is directed to nutrition and senior service providers whose clients are Medicare beneficiaries with a disability or a chronic illness. We’ll discuss programs on open enrollment and ways your clients can share their experiences with Medicare Part D.

Presented by:
Robert Blancato
National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs (NANASP)

Bonnie Hogue Duffy- Convener
Medicare Access for Patients Rx (MAPRx)

Debbie Witchey, Executive Vice President
Healthcare Leadership Council

Providing Quality Services to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Elder Communities (Recorded on October 25, 2012)


There are estimated to be approximately 1.5 – 2 million lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults in the U.S. today, with the number growing rapidly. This webinar will give background and an overview of some of the unique issues facing older LGBT adults. It will also provide you with important sources of information that you can easily access, as well as suggested action steps to enhance your services provision.

Presented by: 
Hilary Meyer
Director, National Resource Center on LGBT Aging
SAGE (Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders)
New York, NY | |

Evidence-Based Nutrition and Health Programs: Promoting Wellness through Behavior Change Webinar (Recorded on 6/27/2012)


Evidence based health promotion programming translates tested program models or interventions into practical, effective wellness programs that use education and behavior change to provide proven health benefits to participants. Attendees at the Evidence-based Health Promotion Program presentation will develop a working understand of what makes a program “evidence-based” and how the outcomes of evidence based programs are measured in terms of quality of life, health care costs, and health care utilization. Participants will learn the basics of implementing programs in rural communities, will review tools to determine whether they possess the organizational readiness to begin offering programs, and will review potential solutions to barriers particular to rural communities, including access, transportation, and resources. Two evidence-based programs will be highlighted: Healthy Eating for Successful Living in Older Adults and My Life My Health (the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program).

Jennifer Raymond
Director of Evidence-based Programs
Hebrew SeniorLife

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) Webinar (Recorded on 5/31/2012)


Major changes may be looming for the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), the older workers program that helps provide staff for many nutrition and other aging services programs.  Please join us for a webinar on SCSEP, currently authorized by Title V of the Older Americans Act (OAA).

Topics discussed during this webinar included:

  • A proposal to repeal Title V and SCSEP as part of a larger bill to reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act;
  • A proposal in the FY2013 federal budget to transfer SCSEP from the Department of Labor to the Administration on Aging;
  • A newly-approved SCSEP goal to promote volunteerism among SCSEP participants; and
  • An update on the competition for national SCSEP grants currently in progress.

John Colbert, Partner, Capitol Hill Partners
Karl Cooper, Policy Associate, National Association of States United for Aging and Disability
Tony Sarmiento, Executive Director, Senior Service America, Inc.

NANASP Farm Bill Webinar (Recorded on 5/3/2012)


The Farm Bill governs an array of agricultural and food programs in the United States and undergoes review and renewal roughly every five years. The focus of the webinar will be on programs that affect older adults and nutrition which includes the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) and the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.  Both the policy and politics of the Farm Bill and its reauthorization will be covered.

Lisa Davis, Vice President of Public Policy, Feeding America 
Mary Pat Raimondi, Vice President, Strategic Policy and Partnerships, Academy of Nutrition and


Sponsored by Sun Meadow/GA Foods

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Decisions in the coming year will make a lasting, profound impact on those of us in the aging network - the Older Americans Act reauthorization, and the newly enacted health care bill, which contains many important reforms benefiting seniors including the Elder Justice Act, will begin to be implemented. Budget cuts at all levels of government will continue to threaten the viability of core programs like nutrition. Now, more than ever, we need to join together to help shape what these decisions will be.

This year, NANASP will be hosting their Annual Conference on July 7-9, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. It’s an important year for older Americans legislation…so as a result we are scheduling time for Hill Visits on July 7th for conference attendees. Meeting with your members of Congress and their staff is an extremely effective way to influence the legislative process and place nutrition and seniors in the spotlight.

More than anyone, service providers at the local community level are in the best position to know the needs of older persons and how to meet those needs in the most cost effective manner. Your input needs to be received by those who are responsible for shaping national policies and priorities.

In an effort to assist members better understand the importance of this opportunity, you can download this FREE webinar – to help novice and experienced Hill visitors alike learn more about how you can make your meeting at the Capitol productive and effective! Whether it’s your first or forty-first visits to the Hill, NANASP Executive Director, Bob Blancato will share with you all the information you need to know to confidently prepare for these important Hill visits. We’ll discuss in detail:

  • exactly how to make your initial contact/set appointments on July 7th
  • who the key decision makers are and who you can expect to meet with
  • what you should (or shouldn’t) say during your visit
  • who you should notify about your visit
  • how to effectively communicate prior to, during and after your visit
  • techniques to help you prepare and practice
  • leave behinds/materials that will be provided and available to you before your visits
  • advocacy interaction with the NANASP office and our work in collaboration with other groups

Why is Advocacy so Important?

Advocacy can…

  • change attitudes and misconceptions;
  • assist seniors to gain access to resources, funding and information;
  • help make service providers and organizations accountable ensuring there is transparency in their actions and decisions;
  • ensure that older Americans have a voice and that it will be heard;
  • promote positive change to the structure and policy of healthy aging

Learn How. Learn Now Webinars

NANASP realizes that members need skill building year round and to keep on top of important issues effecting their programs and clients. To meet this need, NANASP offer regular webinars. To participate in a webinars, members sit at his or her own computer and is connected via the internet. Usually the webinar last about one hour including a question and answer session. Webinar are an ideal way to support learning while saving travel costs.  

Webinar/Teleconference Audio Recordings Available

For more information on how to obtain an audio recording of a teleseminar/webinar listed below, please contact Pam Carlson at

"Senior Hunger, the Older Americans Act and Other Federal Program"
Presented by Jean L. Lloyd (December, 2008)

“Making a Profit in a Non-Profit World” – Presented by Robert W. Littke, Ph.D. (October, 2008)

“Funding Doors of Opportunity” – Presented by Pat Bohse (October, 2007)