The New Face of NANASP

Have you noticed it?  It might be a subtle, but it’s powerful.  And what’s with #nourishingseniors?

It’s about our new brand image.  We’re strengthening you by evolving the face of NANASP. 

You have been busy serving and solving for seniors in your community and collectively we’ve been growing NANASP in depth and breadth.  The membership of NANASP now represents an impressive range of essential services providers who support the nutrition, health and life quality of seniors.  In other words, who nourish seniors.

So, it’s only right that we tailor the NANASP brand to reflect you and our stature in the shared mission of advancing senior wellbeing.  We searched for a way to describe NANASP so that it mirrored and encompassed our members’ focus and impact.  You will be seeing us describe NANASP in a new way:

National advocates for senior health and wellbeing

Of course, our power and success in that arena is in the dual forces of our unified voice through NANASP and the local outcomes you generate.  We’ve captured that dynamic in a new NANASP tagline:

National Voice.  Local Action.

And while the mission of NANASP is the same, we wanted to call attention to the result of our joint efforts.  As we roll out our new NANASP brand you’ll be seeing a new message about what we do together.  We call it the NANASP “brand promise:”

Strengthening Policies and Programs that Nourish Seniors

So next time someone asks you “what is NANASP” we have a new 10-second elevator speech for you:

“We are national advocates for senior health and wellbeing who strengthen the policies and programs that nourish seniors.  We accomplish it through a collective national voice and local community action.

How you can participate?

  • Acknowledge the strength of your membership by adding the NANASP logo with the new tagline to your website.
  • Herald your impact by using the NANASP hashtag #nourishingseniors in your social media posts.
  • Remind colleagues of the benefits of NANASP in staying ahead and informed through the Washington Update.
  • Share your local actions with us – they strengthen everyone.
  • Encourage others into the act of #nourishingseniors.