As part of our ongoing advocacy work—NANASP is pleased to provide you with a link to a special video.  The video contains a joint message from Ellie Hollander CEO of MOWA and NANASP’s Executive Director Bob Blancato that has been shared with key Members of the House and Senate who will make funding decisions.  Please use this video locally and in particular invite your House member or Senators to your program to listen to it with your older adults.  NANASP thanks MOWA for their great work in producing the video and together we will work to get the best possible funding level for the Older Americans act nutrition programs for next fiscal year.


NANASP is an advocacy organization working in Washington, DC on behalf of issues most critical to its members. Its advocacy work is both national and grassroots in scope. NANASP members are critical to effective advocacy. NANASP provides advocacy tools for its members to use throughout the year. In addition, NANASP adopts resolutions at its annual conference voted on by members which focus on our key positions. The 2014 resolutions can be found here.

Don’t Weaken Programs for Seniors!

A number of proposals are circulating in Congress that would weaken programs for older adults, including cutting funding for Older Americans Act programs, converting Medicaid to a block grant program, and converting Medicare to a premium support program. Write to Congress today to tell them to keep these programs strong!

Advocacy Tips for Members

* Advocacy is about being a resource to those in elected and appointed office in Washington and to the media—knowing how to disseminate good information to make an impact.

* Advocacy is about being a voice for those who are vulnerable, building coalitions, expanding your scope of friends and being prepared for opposition.

* Advocacy has to be constant and involves constant monitoring of developments.

* You must be prepared and adaptable to change.

* It is about building an evidence base—showing outcomes and prevention as good investment.

* What can you do as a community?

o Forums

o Phone/email campaigns

o Visit local congressional offices

o Neighborhood/community awareness

o Form local groups

o Letters to the editor

o Tweet-ups

The Five B's of Advocacy

Be Prepared

Be Persistent

Be Persuasive

Be Personable

Be Engaged!


P - Be Proactive, Persistent 
R - Be Realistic, Do Research. Prepare to React 
I - Gather and share Intelligence 
N - Nudge as often as necessary
C - Coordinate people, organizations, resources, build Coalitions 
I - Have an Infrastructure, Practice Integrity in ALL communications 
P - Promote your existence. Publicize your accomplishments 
L - Learn and Listen throughout advocacy process 
E - Expect the unexpected at any juncture Evaluate your progress make necessary adjustments 


Download the NANASP Advocacy Manual here (pdf)

NANASP 2013 Sequestration Survey (pdf)

NANASP Conference Capitol Hill Visits-Additional Background (pdf)