Corporation for National and Community Service ( "Senior Corps")

Current status:  The President's FY 2015 budget request proposes that the Foster Grandparent Program, RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) and the Senior Companion Program, administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service and also referred to as "Senior Corps," be restructured and cut. The Foster Grandparent Program and the Senior Companion Programs would be folded into AmeriCorps and cut by 14 and 16 percent respectively. RSVP would be cut by 67 percent. These changes would mean a loss of 250,000 volunteers nationwide and a total loss of over 35 million volunteer hours. NANASP has surveyed its members and found that many respondents use RSVP in particular and that these cuts would have a noticeable and immediate negative impact on their programs.

Resolved: NANASP opposes the proposed restructuring of the Senior Corps programs as well as any cuts to its funding. NANASP urges the Administration to seek ways to instead expand opportunities for community service, not eliminate them.

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