Vaccine Awareness

The specific immunizations you need as an adult are determined by factors such as your age, lifestyle, high-risk conditions, type and locations of travel, and previous immunizations.  Visit to download Immunization Schedules.

In September, 2014 - NANASP as well as 18 other organizations sent a letter to CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner to encourage CMS to support the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ (ACIP) recommendations on administering the PCV13 vaccination, a pneumococcal vaccine, to all adults ages 65 and older. NANASP Executive Director Bob Blancato testified in support of this proposal before ACIP in June. Administrator Tavenner responded to the letter.

To view the September 4, 2014 Joint Letter to CMS, click on the link below:


To view response from CMS Administrator Tavenner, click on the link below: