NANASP is involved in advocacy efforts related to the most vital issues for its members. NANASP staff is recognized for its advocacy skills and knowledge of legislative and public policy issues.

The Government Relations Committee, working with NANASP staff, develop resolutions presented and adopted by Association voting members at the Annual Meeting. These resolutions become the platform for the Association’s advocacy agenda for the next year.


P - Be Proactive, Persistent
R - Be Realistic, Do Research. Prepare to React
I - Gather and share Intelligence
N - Nudge as often as necessary
C - Coordinate people, organizations, resources, build Coalitions
I - Have an Infrastructure, Practice Integrity in ALL communications
P - Promote your existence. Publicize your accomplishments
L - Learn and Listen throughout advocacy process
E - Expect the unexpected at any juncture Evaluate your progress make necessary adjustments

NANASP 2013 Sequestration Survey (pdf)

NANASP Conference Capitol Hill Visits-Additional Background (pdf)